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I'm Kevin Chambers, a web developer from New Jersey & Philadelphia. I made this website to showcase my work. I studied and worked in the Philadelphia area from age 18. I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelor's in Web Design. I worked here for another six years before moving to Seattle briefly. I'm now back on the east coast to spend some time with my family and return to work after a long trip. Ah, you want to know a little about me personally? My three favorite things are sandwiches, skeletons, and elevator music. I have been enjoying cooking lately, even if I still lack a lot of experience. I know a few card tricks, and I work on getting better intermittently. I like to read and need to do that more. My real passion, I have found, may be chess. If you can beat me in a game, I will offer you a discount. No foolin'.


Feel free to reach out in any way you like. You can Email, message or call me.

Thanks for considering me for building your website, portal or app. Let's make it a good one!

  • Email: kevinchambers0 at gmail
  • Phone: +1 732 216 4352