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I'm Kevin Chambers, a web developer from New Jersey & Philadelphia. Some time ago I decided I would work my way around the world. I'm not really sure what to write about myself, so here are the places I'd like to go:

5.UK: I've always liked British culture. I remember watching YouTube at work one day during lunch and saying to myself, "I just watched four different content creators who had English accents."

4.India (and Southeast Asia): I've been studying Buddhism lately. I'd like to see it in its crib and how it operates on a societal level. Also Indian food. Amazing stuff.

3.Japan: I'm a huge geek. I'll have a blast here for sure. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'd quite like to travel the length of the country.

2.France: I know, I know. It isn't always the most popular choice, given the reputation the French have. However I am a big French House fan (Daft Punk et al.), and my favorite authors are French (Dumas and Camus) and I'd like to finish learning the language.

1.Iran: If the last one didn't throw you, this one will. I had never thought about going here until I saw this episode of Crash Course. The tomb of Cyrus the Great will be my last stop. No exception.

Besides travel, my three favorite things are sandwiches, skeletons, and elevator music. I have been enjoying cooking lately, even if I still lack a lot of experience. I know a few card tricks, and I work on getting better intermittently. I like to read and need to do that more. My real passion, however, may be chess. If you can beat me in a game, I will offer you a discount. Are you up for the challenge?

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Feel free to reach out in any way you like. You can Email, message or call me. I'd suggest using WhatsApp to contact me by phone. I will likely be out of my home country, so I will be in airplane mode a lot. I haven't seen spammers on WhatsApp either, so let's hope that it's serious inquiries only.

Thanks for considering me for building your website, portal or app. Let's make it a good one!

  • Email: kevinchambers0 at gmail
  • Phone: +1 732 216 4352